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Women Tell Dems To Slow Down While McCain Ponders Vice Presidential Step

"Not so fast." That's the message the political action committee WomenCount is sending to the Democratic Party. The PAC ran full-page ads in major U.S. newspapers this week urging Sen. Hillary Clinton to stay in the race until "every vote is counted."

Many of these and other Democratic women blame misogyny in the media and by Democratic Party leaders for tanking Clinton's campaign and say they'll vote Republican in November in retaliation if they do not believe Clinton's supporters are treated fairly. The PAC is also organizing a Washington, D.C., rally for May 31--the date the Democratic National Committee convenes its Rules and Bylaws Committee to make a final decision on how or whether to count the 2.4 million votes cast by Florida and Michigan voters. Meanwhile, this weekend, Sen. John McCain meets with three potential vice presidential nominees, including 36-year-old Indian-American Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who could inoculate the McCain campaign against questions of age and lack of diversity and appeal to Christian conservatives. Jindal is playing coy and saying he won't be offered the VP position and that he "has the job" he wants, anyway. Republicans, according to, do not have a single candidate of color who has a chance of winning the office of governor, U.S. representative, or senator this fall.

By Bonnie Erbe