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Women In the First 100 Days of Trump – Live Event

Women and Trump
Women and Trump 50:29

Ahead of International Women’s Day, CBS News Digital, in partnership with is hosting a live panel discussion on “Women in the First 100 Days of Trump’” a multigenerational examination about the future of the country. Filmed in front of a live audience in YouTube’s creative space in New York city and broadcast live on CBSN. 

A group of writers, activists and commentators will join to discuss how their views are reflected in the new political reality. 


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Among those joining CBSN host Elaine Quijano on stage:

Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter - Ashley is a modern feminist, part of the Independent Women’s Forum, and a conservative Trump supporter who was elected as a D.C. School Board member with surprising African American support, beating beat the democratic incumbent.

Jennifer Wallace - Jennifer is an award-winning journalist and social commentator who covers relationships, health, money, career, parenting, and lifestyle trends. She is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, as well as national women’s magazines.

Scottie Nell Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes - Scottie Nell Hughes is a journalist, conservative radio talk show host and the Political Editor for Right Alerts. She is a Donald Trump supporter and routinely appeared on television throughout the 2016 campaign as a surrogate.

Nina Mariah - Nina is a performance artist who wrote the Nasty Woman speech performed by Ashley Judd at the Women’s March on Washington. A 19-year-old half Puerto Rican sociology, Nina wrote Nasty Woman for the non-profit and performing arts organization Southern Word. She grew up in conservative Franklin, TN and got into poetry and spoken word performance in High School after winning a few poetry slams.

Amani Alkhat Amani Alkhat/Twitter

Amani Alkhat - Amani is the founder of, one of the first mainstream media networks run for and by Muslim women. She is also the author of “Muslim Girl: A Coming of Age”, released in October 2016. Amani was born in New Jersey but her family temporarily fled to Jordan in 2005 to escape Islamophobia, returning to the U.S. when she was 17 years old.

Zora Ilunga-Reed - Zora is host and creator of “We The Ppl Podcast: Politics for those who can’t vote”, Zora created the podcast to address her frustration at the common response she got while taking politics: “Yeah but you can’t vote.” She is giving a voice to those involved in politics who have yet to reach ballot-casting age. 

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