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Woman says teen girls brutally beat her on NYC subway

NEW YORK - A woman says she was viciously attacked by a group of teenagers on a New York City subway after she decided to speak up about their behavior, reports CBS New York.

The 21-year-old victim, who is only identified as Amanda, said she was beaten by three teenage girls because she asked the teens to stop swearing inside the crowded subway car, according to the station.

"I said, 'You guys should be more respectful for your age. There's a bunch of children on the train right here, and that's unacceptable,'" the woman told the station.

Amanda said she made the simple, peaceful plea to the group of 14- and 15-year-old girls on the afternoon of Sept. 10, in Brooklyn. The result was violence, she said.

"They pushed me out of the train at my stop. They shoved me," Amanda said.

Amanda said a group of three girls knocked her to the ground and started kicking her.

"My hearing; my vision went out. I couldn't move," Amanda said. "And they were relentless. Like they were just like trying -- if they had had time, I really believe that they would've killed me."

Amanda said she was overpowered and couldn't fight back. One man who was on the subway train with her pulled the teens away before Metropolitan Transportation Authority police stepped in to arrest the girls, reports the station.

Amanda was reportedly rushed to a trauma center for serious head injuries.

"I have two bruises on my knees, I have head trauma and a concussion, and I have to take it easy for a few months," she said.

As of Monday, Amanda was back home, with her mother relieved and commending her daughter for standing up for what she believed.

"I'm very proud of her. I taught her well," Amanda's mother told CBS New York. "But I feel bad that she got hurt in the process. Sometimes you have to pick your battles."

"I'm grateful I'm OK, but I realize sometimes you do need to keep your mouth shut on the subway when things are going to escalate," Amanda added.

One of the girls was reportedly arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct.