Woman pawns salt as meth, calls 911 when angry buyers return, Wash. police say

(CBS) CENTRALIA, Wash. - Police in Centralia said a woman called 911 desperate for help because people were pounding on her door, angry that she sold them salt, after telling them it was methamphetamine, CBS affiliate KIRO reports.

Melissa Akers apparently wasn't prepared when her customers returned for a refund so she called 911, police told KIRO. Akers apparently hoped that a few cents worth of salt would pass for hundreds of dollars worth of meth.

Officer Corey Butcher told KIRO the bright white salt crystals don't really look similar to chunky shards of meth.

"People who use it know exactly what it's like, and frankly, I'm amazed she would even try that," Butcher said.

When police responded to Akers' call, they found her smoking marijuana with three teenage boys, officers said, according to the station.

"It's hard to put into words the level of intelligence that goes along with this," Butcher said. "No brains at all."

Akers was arrested on charges of providing marijuana to minors.

As for selling salt as methamphetamine? Guess stupidity still isn't a crime.