Woman dubbed "hot convict" sues website for using mugshot

Meagan Simmons in her 2010 mugshot.
Hillsborough County via CBS affiliate WTSP

TAMPA, Fla. - Meagan Simmons, a 28-year-old mother of four, has filed a lawsuit against a background check website, saying the company used her attractive arrest booking photo for commercial and advertising purposes, without compensating her or even getting her permission.

Simmons, of Zephyrhills, Fla., filed the lawsuit in Hillsborough County Court against

In her lawsuit, she says all the exposure has disturbed her peace of mind, invaded her privacy and caused her mental anguish. The suit seeks monetary damages and an injunction to prevent further use of her picture.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Simmons' image popped up on countless websites where she was branded "a hot convict."

The photo was taken during a 2010 DUI charge.

"People are really weird. They stalk you, they message you, they say crazy things," Simmons told CBS affiliate WTSP last April in a discussing the backlash of her viral mugshot. "They know where I live. People are talking about flying to Zephyrhills, visiting me, marrying me. People on Twitter have even offered by pay my bills."

Simmons told the station she was worried about her safety.

"It was nice and funny at first, and then it started getting scary...," she said. "... I have four little people to worry about, not just myself."