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Woman: Affleck Threatened Me

A North Carolina woman who says she had a romantic relationship with actor Ben Affleck dating back 20 months says in a citizen warrant that Affleck threatened her.

Tara Ray of Kure Beach on Saturday swore out a warrant accusing the actor of communicating threats, a misdemeanor, police in this small beach town said.

The police department "has not and is currently not investigating Mr. Affleck for any crime," police said. "This warrant was taken out by a private citizen."

According to E!, Kure Beach police said Monday they're "attempting to confirm certain information" regarding the arrest warrant. In the meantime, they've returned the warrant to the courts to see if anyone there is interested in serving the out-of-state actor.

Ray said an attorney advised her not to discuss the events she is alleging. She declined to name the attorney.

Ray declined to describe the content of the threat she received on Sept. 25 or how it was communicated to her. Ray said the incident occurred in Kure Beach, about 20 miles south of Wilmington.

"I honestly believed my life was in danger," Ray said in a telephone interview Sunday. "I'm not out for the publicity part. I just wanted it to be known in the public that he's very capable of doing this to me."

Ray said she has had a romantic relationship with Affleck since February 2002.

Ken Sunshine, a publicist for Affleck, early Monday denied the allegations and said the actor has never met Ray. He said Affleck has been at his house in Savannah, Ga. for the past several weeks, including on Sept. 25.

"The allegation is absurd and defamatory to Mr. Affleck," Sunshine said in a telephone interview. "He has no idea who this woman is."

Sunshine said there "are probably at least 50 paparazzi" who could attest that Affleck was in Savannah on Sept. 25, the date Ray alleges the threats occurred.

Sunshine said he doesn't know whether Affleck has property in North Carolina or if he's been to the state.

Affleck, 31, shared a writing Oscar with Matt Damon for "Good Will Hunting" and has been a tabloid news fixture because of his engagement to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez.

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