Wisdom teeth removal leads to remorseful and hilarious confession

(CBS News) All good subject material has a tendency to eventually resurface on the Internet. In 2009 the world laughed after young David went to the dentist. Now, in 2013, Abbie Kritz has a message for her wisdom teeth (and important lesson for us all): "She's so sorry!"

Oh, dentistry, you provide us with so many memorable moments on the Internet! The remorseful and hilarious confession was posted by Abbie Kritz (who shows she has a wonderful sense of humor by putting this online), who writes about the candid, caught-on-tape moment:

the aftermath of having my wisdom teeth out.
If it helps at all, I'm sure the judge will go easy on you due to the extenuating circumstances, Abbie. (And lack of criminal charges for "wisdom teeth homicide.") A big triple-rainbow salute of having an amazing sense of humor goes out to Abbie from us here at The Feed for posting this clip up that has us all in stitches (Probably like Abbie's gums after the operation.) And to check out more videos from Abbie Kritz, be sure to visit her YouTube page by clicking here.