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Winter Olympics 2014: Should Americans go to Sochi?

Michael Morell discusses the threat at the Olympic Games and the State Department's warning for Americans traveling to Sochi
Sochi Olympics: State Department warns Americans about terror danger 03:33

Should Americans go to Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympics?

CBS News senior security contributor Michael Morell, a former CIA deputy director, said on "CBS This Morning," that he would go -- and take his family -- but said these are the "most dangerous Olympics" he's experienced in his adult life.

It's an opinion echoed by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, on Sunday's "Face the Nation": "I would say we should not scare people from attending the Olympics," he said. "It's a time-honored tradition. If we do not support our team and show up, I think the terrorists are winning and I think that's what they're trying to do here. Having said that, I would say that the security threat to the Olympics, this particular Olympics is the greatest I've ever seen."

The State Department has updated travel warnings for tourists at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The games begin next weekend in the face of repeated terror threats. American athletes are being asked not to wear USA logos outside Olympic venues.

The danger, according to Morell, is that the terrorist group that's threatening the Olympics is "capable, dedicated, determined" and has been around a long time. Morell said they've already conducted two recent attacks in Russia, and are saying they want to attack during the Games.

A venue away from the Olympics -- such as an airport or western hotel elsewhere in Russia -- is the biggest worry for Morell. He said, "With 40,000 Russian security personnel at the Olympics, I think the venue itself is fairly safe."

To those that do intend to attend the Olympics, Morell said if he were attending he would be very careful and aware of his surroundings. He said, "If somebody put a package down or a backpack down, I would walk away from it as fast as I could. I'd inform security personnel. I'd also watch people's behavior and if there was anything concerning, I'd walk away."

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