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Will Ferrell kisses older woman in Old Milwaukee Super Bowl XLVII ad

It's the Super Bowl commercial that almost nobody saw. Will Ferrell once again partnered up with Old Milwaukee to film an ad for this year's big game, but the commercial only aired in three small towns during the Super Bowl XLVII broadcast.

The ad in question features one long take with Ferrell on a public transit bus engaged in a lengthy make out session with an older woman. Some may find the commercial either funny or repulsive, or both.

Ferrell had previously filmed another Old Milwaukee Super Bowl commercial for last year's game.

According to Reddit, this latest Old Milwaukee ad only aired in the towns of Sherman, Texas, Ardmore, Okla., and Glendive, Mont. The beer company execs has yet to divulge why the commercial was only shown in these regions but, given the clip's unusual subject matter, perhaps they're hoping the ad will go viral.

Tell us: Do you think the Ferrell ad is funny?

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