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Will Facebook create an emoji that uses your face?

What if you could show your feelings about a Facebook post not with a generic smiley icon, but with an emoji featuring your very own face? That's what could happen if the social network moves forward with using facial recognition technology cited in a patent the company was awarded earlier this month.

The patent outlines technology that would sift through a user's tagged photos, locating faces that accurately match the emoji you would use in a status update or a comment. Looking for a sad face emoji? Well, then a picture of you frowning could be used. Want to use a smiling emoji? Then, a picture of you showing your pearly whites might be the best substitute.

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If the idea of your own head replacing an illustrated smiley face freaks you out, well, it may be some relief to know there's no guarantee that this will actually be a feature in Facebook's future.

When reached for comment, Facebook told CBS News that the company had no official statement or announcement to share. The social media giant did say that it has thousands of patents that it has filed over the years and none of them are sure signs of actual changes that will be made to the site.

Recently, Facebook has been taking steps to make its platform more interactive and provide more personalized ways for users to display their feelings.

Back in February, the company unveiled "Reactions," animated emojis that offer a variety of alternatives to the traditional thumbs-up "Like" -- responses ranging from "sad" or "angry" to "wow" and "haha." For Mother's Day, the company debuted a special emoji just for the holiday, and said that there is the potential for more holiday themed-emojis to be introduced down the line.

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