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Wild turkeys terrorize Massachusetts town residents

BROOKLINE, Mass. Aggressive turkeys are coming after some Massachusetts residents, prompting one town to consider seeking approval to trap and kill the birds.

In particular, three large male turkeys seem to be leading the assault in Brookline, CBS station WBZ in Boston reported. A meeting was held on Dec. 6 at the Brookline Police Station to discuss the poultry problem.

Karen Halvorson told WBZ that the turkeys have chased her on two occasions, banging on her front door and scratching her as she took her daily walk. She's taken precautions including buying a hiking stick to ward off the creatures and carrying her phone on her at all times. Halvorson was at the meeting.

"I can't believe we're living this way," she said.

Her husband has made piles of sticks around their house so they can throw them at the turkeys and run for cover. He's been attacked four times in the last three years.

They're not the only ones. Wild turkey complaints to Brookline police have doubled over the past couple of months. The problem is there are only two turkey hunting seasons a year in Massachusetts, and metropolitan areas have firearm bans. The nearby town Newton has also seen an increase of violent turkeys.

Brookline Animal Control Officer Pierre Verrier said to WBZ he gets calls almost every day to help shoo away the turkeys, and spends almost every morning shooing the birds away from Brookline High School students. Other people have reported trying to go to work and being chased by the turkeys.

Mail carrier Mike Bruno told WBZ that he gets attacked frequently during the week.

"I have to be quite aggressive to get them away. I usually pick up a stick and swing a stick at them. I can't turn my back on them because they'll come right after me," he said.