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'Why I Deserve A Million Dollars'

Although Amber Brkich won Sunday's "Survivor: All Stars", the game is not finished. In a surprise announcement, Jeff Probst told the contestants Sunday that there was still another million dollars left to be won.

The Early Show Correspondent Tracy Smith was in Panama before the game began, and she has a preview of Thursday night's second finale.

Monday morning on The Early Show, Rudy Boesch stood up and began the campaign.

He said, "If I win the million dollars, I'm going to donate 500 thousand to the wives and kids to my buddies in Iraq that are getting killed."

Taking a cue from Rudy, several "All-Stars" put charitable causes at the top of their list to win America's vote.

Kathy Vavrick O'Brien said, "I would totally use it toward my foundation and that foundation helps empower women."

When Ethan Zohn won "Survivor: Africa," he used a portion of his winnings to start Grass Roots Soccer, an organization to further AIDS awareness.

About her boyfriend, Jenna Morasca said, "He saves hundreds of lives a month, so there's no better person to give it to in my opinion."

With the second million dollars Zohn said, "I will take the million dollars, I will split it up evenly amongst all 18 'Survivors,' and give it to a charity of their choice."

Funding their families was another popular plea.

Lex van den Berghe said, "I have a son who's autistic and we have some other issues as well. So it would help my family. Pure and simple."

Alicia pointed out, "The first thing I would do is buy my mother a house. She's a single parent. She's totally made a million sacrifices for me. It's the least I could do."

Still, some of the "All-Stars" were quite candid about keeping the money themselves.

Colby Donaldson said, "I'm not going to lie to you, I'd like to have that money. It'd be nice."

Big Tom Buchanan noted, "I don't know anybody who needs it any more. I can hardly pay attention, I'm so poor."

Shii Ann Huang said, "People should vote for me because they felt like I was a smart, strategic analytical player and I would of, could of, should of, maybe had I had better luck, won the game."

After being booed from the stage of Sunday's Reunion, Jerri Manthey would like to invest in a show of her own.

She said, "What I'm going to do with that is produce my own reality show, and I will scout around the nation and find people who make a difference in people's lives."

About her statement, Boston Rob Mariano said, "Don't be the sour grapes Jerri, give me the money that I deserved. I earned it. Let's be fair."

Even if he doesn't win, at least Boston Rob gets to marry a millionaire.

Amber Brkich, for her part, said, "It might be a little greedy for me to ask for another million now that I have one and the engagement ring, but you know, hey, why not vote for me."

"Survivor's" original champ wouldn't mind another check either.

Richard Hatch said, "Give the money to the guy who plays "Survivor," to the guy who knows the game, who's showing people what it's all about. That's me. Give me the money."

Hatch's former ally reprised an old speech to help sway voters.

With a big smile, Sue Hawk said, "And if you don't vote for me, may you all die of thirst and the vultures just ravish your bodies."

Tina Wesson said, "Sharing the love is what I'm all about, so I think somebody else should get the million dollars."

Tina's sentiment is echoed by other "All-Stars," who don't feel too optimistic about their odds.

Jenna Lewis said, "Voting for me would kind of be like voting for Nader. Put your vote somewhere else because I'm not going to win."

Rob Cesternino said, "This is my third time to win a million dollars. This is probably my worst chance but it's still a chance and this is my ace in the whole. I said I was giving my half of my money to Rupert."

And Rupert Boneham said, "When you're out there voting remember that it's my daughter's birthday on the 13th, it's my third time for getting this million and every time I'm getting a little closer. This time, I don't have to leave my family and I got a chance. I can only hope."

And if you've been keeping an eye on "Survivor's" popularity poll that has been a regular feature on the Web site for the past several seasons, you'd see that Rupert is among Thursday night's favorites.

Don't miss "Survivor: America's Tribal Council," and find out who wins the million dollars, Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The winner will visit Friday's The Early Show

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