Who's the most grown-up "Grown Ups 2" star?

Boys will be boys.

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade and Chris Rock return for more mayhem and gross-out gags in "Grown Ups 2," the sequel to their 2010 hit comedy. Salma Hayek also comes back to the fold as Sandler's wife, Roxanne.

Hayek has a 5-year-old daughter in real life and her mothering skills certainly came into play on the set of this film.

We asked the stars who they thought was the most grown-up member of the cast, and they all agreed it was Hayek.

"I am like the grown up that is sent you know like on the road trip with the kids," Hayek said of her adult co-stars. "I am sent here by their wives."

James added, "Like in the middle of the take, she'll come over, and she'll go 'You have a little schmutz on your face' and she just takes it right off the cheek."

Watch the video at the top of this story to see Sandler, James, Spade and Hayek speak more in-depth about "Grown Ups 2," now playing in theaters. During our interview, Sandler asked Hayek if she liked her older or newer co-stars better (Taylor Lautner and Shaq are some of the newcomers to the cast), and her answer may surprise you.

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