Who's Next To Go On <i>Survivor</i>?

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For the first time this season, viewers and castaways of Survivor: Africa agreed.

Twenty-something Lindsey was voted out. Apparently the new members of the Samburu tribe saw what the poll respondents did; that lazy Lindsey was not a very nice person.

But it was close; the votes were split down the middle as the new tribe members voted for Lindsey and original tribe members voted for farmer Tom. Lindsey got the boot based on prior votes.

Slippery Silas, career counselor Linda, Doctor Carl, Deputy Sheriff Jessie and mail carrier Diane are all history. So who will be the next contestant booted off Survivor: Africa?

Will it be bean-man Clarence or retired teacher Kim J. who has had problems with the physical challenges and cost her team immunity and rewards? Or will the generation gap cause twenty-something, bar-tending Brandon to meet the same fate as his friend, lazy Lindsey?

CBS News.com viewers have been weighing in with their votes.

It looks like the bloodletting against the twenty-something clique continues.

A whopping 64.5 percent of poll respondents want gen x-er Brandon out of Africa.

In second place is b-ball coach Clarence - guess he still hasn't been forgiven for the first episode - with 16.1 percent of the vote.

Tied for third are telephone technician Frank, Lindsey's pal Kim P., tattooed marketing manager Lex and flight attendant Teresa. Each had 3.2 percent of the votes.

Retired teacher Kim J. appears to have redeemed herself. With 2.2 percent she tied with farmer Tom for seventh place.

Soccer playing Ethan and behavior analyst Kelly look to be sitting pretty. Only 1.1 percent of poll respondents thought they would be packing it in at the end of episode 7.

Will viewers and contestants agree again this week on who should be the next to go?

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