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Who Wears Short Shorts? Maybe You Can

With summer fashion in full swing, many women choose to wear shorts. Style expert Sarah Shirley visited The Saturday Early Show to discuss the latest "shorts" trends for women.

Shirley says that shorts that come to the knee, or just above, are very popular this season. City (longer and narrower) and cuffed (shorter, but not very short) shorts are especially chic.

Shirley also believes it's important to choose the right fit for your body, because you want to accentuate the positive. In addition, you want to look your best because it's important to dress for success in any situation.

Four models with different physiques each showed what Shirley believed were appropriate shorts for the summer.

Jamie, the "petite model," wore Birdie Bermuda Shorts in Coral Reef ($100, with a Lewsader T-shirt. Her shoes were Madison Harding blue Wedges ($220,

Shirley would advise someone like Jamie that she doesn't need to wear short shorts. Instead, opt for a pair that hits the mid- to lower-thigh for more length. Colorful tabs on the waist can really accentuate a petite body. Never wear a shoe or sandal with an ankle, as it will cut off the visual leg line, according to Shirley.

Cecilla, the "tall and leggy model," donned Forever 21 green linen camp short shorts with cuff ($19.80, and a white linen J. Crew Camp shirt for a top ( For shoes, she wore J. Crew jeweled leather Capri Sandals ($125,

For the "leggier" types, you can pull off a shorter short - this paired with a cuff looks very stylish. Stick with flats since your legs don't need to be any longer by adding a pump. A flat sandal will also keep your look in proportion. If you opt for short shorts, go with a narrow cuff as they add class to a piece of clothing that isn't always appropriate.

Melissa, The Saturday Early Show's "curvy" model, wore Express Editor Shorts ($49.50, with a Zara fitted watermelon blouse ($59.99, Her shoes were both Guess Daralis peep toe slingback pump in suede $110 and Guess pink Merri sling-back peep toe pump (both $99,

Curvier women should wear clothing that follows their frame. Keep shoulders and hips balanced, and accentuate your waist. Shirley recommends wearing a darker color, such as camouflage, if there are things that you don't want to show. Wear bright and bold colors for the areas that you want to emphasize. Choose tops and shorts that are fitted and not baggy.

Katharine, the last model, was "athletic." She wore Banana Republic Ryan Shorts ($64, with a Forever 21 yellow ruffle top ($22.80,

For the more boyishly-built female, Shirley suggests wearing pleated shorts that will fan out from your waist, helping fake the look of curvy hips. Use a flowing feminine top that has an empire waist, which hugs the bust and creates an imaginary high waist. Finally, use a sling-back peep toe kitten heel to add swing to your outfit. Clothing that swings and flows will create a more draping, dramatic feeling of movement.