Who kissed Kristin Chenoweth under the mistletoe?

Kristin Chenoweth and Santa Claus attend the Tourneau Mistletoe Event on Nov. 27, 2012. in New York.
Craig Barritt

Where is world's largest mistletoe ball?

Tourneau, the watch retailer, says it's in its Madison Avenue store in New York City and all the kissing was kicked off Tuesday night by Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth.

Chenoweth took along a special guest -- Santa Claus -- to share the first kiss under the mistletoe. The Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem performed at the holiday party.

Tourneau is inviting holiday shoppers to kiss under the mistletoe, with their kisses photographed to be used in a digital quilt in the store and in the retailer's Facebook campaign.

In Norse mythology, the goddess Frigg planted mistletoe to bring love into the world and worshipers kissed under it to show their allegiance to the goddess. It was first mentioned as a holiday tradition by author Washington Irving in 1820.