Crazy Love

A brat, a Batman collector, filthy rich and dead. Who killed Miami hotel heir Benji Novack?

A brat, a Batman collector, filthy rich and dead. Who killed Miami hotel heir Benji Novack? Troy Roberts reports.

In the hours after the murder of Benji Novack, detectives Alison Carpentier and Terry Wilson were talking to as many people as they could.

"It was Sunday. The convention was over, so if anyone involved in the convention was our killers, they definitely would be leaving," Det. Carpentier explained.

Investigators videotaped a hotel guest who encountered Narcy in the hallway minutes after she said she had just discovered Benji's body.

He told police that Narcy was acting suspicious - "she looked surprised." He noticed the door to their room didn't show any signs of a break in.

In fact, neither of the doors to the Novack suite showed any signs of forced entry. So police looked at the card key history leading up to the murder.

"They showed that -- there were no card keys used to enter that room between, say, five after 12:00 at night and 7:40 in the morning," said Det. Wilson.

At 7:45, a card swipe is logged. That card swipe was from Narcy's key.

"...and that's when she supposedly discovers the body," Det. Carpentier said. "It was obvious he had been sleeping when he was attacked. So we didn't believe that he had walked to the door and opened the door up to somebody."

So how did the killers gain access to Benji's room?

"The only one else that had access to that room was Narcy," said Det. Carpentier.

In her interview the day after the murder, Narcy Novack tells police she's not sure if she closed the door when she left Benji to go downstairs to the dining room:

"It could have been that I left the door open," Narcy told investigators. "I didn't have anything to do with opening the door intentionally for anybody."

Det. Carpentier says the interview with Narcy lasted for hours. "She wouldn't go the bathroom, she didn't want a glass of water, she didn't want a coffee. You know, she just held her own all night."

"I have no clue what happened, I have nothing to do with my husband's death," Narcy told investigators.

Narcy was emphatic she had always loved Benji. The couple had met almost two decades earlier on an unlikely first date.

"When he hooked up to Narcy she was a nude dancer in Hialeah in kind of a sleazy strip joint," Joe Matthews explained. "She looked like a girl who worked on the streets and worked her way up to be to nude dancer."

"Worked her way up to be a nude dancer?" Roberts asked.

"That's Joe's opinion," said Matthews.

Narcy's life had been a far cry from Benji's privileged past at the Fontainebleau.

Asked if the couple were in love, Charlie Serayder told Roberts, "He definitely was in love with Narcy, yes."

Serayder was close to both Benji and Narcy for almost two decades. The couple even attended his wedding.

"And do you believe that Narcy was in love with him?" Roberts asked.

"I believe in the beginning, yes," Serayder replied.

Because of Benji, Narcy was afforded an extravagant lifestyle.

"They lived in a multimillion dollar estate," Det. Carpentier said.

"Drove expensive cars. She had furs. She had beautiful jewelry. She enjoyed the best of the best."

As Benji's convention business grew and grossed millions, he splurged on one of his childhood fantasies.

"I think he was probably one of the biggest collectors of Batman

memorabilia," said Matthews.

His prized possession: a replica of the 1960s Batmobile.

"I guess he could afford it," Serayder said. "Anything related to the superheroes."

"Stacks and stacks of first-addition toys," said Matthews.

Friends say collecting memorabilia wasn't his only indulgence. Benji had an appetite for other women.

"Benji didn't care, he was a party boy that thought for the moment," said Matthews.

"He was always cheating," Serayder told Roberts.

Asked if Narcy knew, Serayder said, "Narcy always suspected Ben of cheating. She was a very jealous woman."

Early on, before Ben and Narcy were married, Charlie Serayder got a taste of Narcy's jealousy.

"Benji received a phone call and she was extremely upset," Serayder recalled, "and she was threatening to burn his house down and he was pleading with her that he was not cheating."

Cheating was just the beginning. Benji's sexual tastes could have been ripped right from the pages of the most recent erotic best sellers.

"I know he was into bondage," said Matthews.

Bondage, though, with a decided twist.

"Narcy told us he likes to be tied up," said Det. Carpentier.

"Benji was who he was," Serayder explained. "Let's say this. Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors."

But it's what happened behind the closed door of the hotel room that concerns homicide detective Alison Carpentier.

Detective Carpentier asked Narcy about the couple's bondage games and the strange coincidence of finding Benji bound and tied:

Det. Carpentier: Ben is found in a way that he enjoys sexually. ... Don't you think it's odd? ... He died in a position that he finds sexually arousing.

Narcy Novack: When I left Ben, he was not tied up.

"When you'd confront her with allegations she would just not really respond to it at all. It was odd," said the detective.

Then detectives got a tip from police in Florida about a bizarre incident involving bondage.

"We learned that she had tied him up and stole, he says, between $300,[000] and $400,000," said Det. Carpentier.

In 2002, Benji was the victim of a home invasion that, according to him, was orchestrated by Narcy.

"He called me up and said he'd just been robbed," Serayder said. "He says 'I've been tied up in a chair for 25 hours and I think my wife was involved.'"

"Why would Narcy stage this home invasion and rob him?" Roberts asked.

"She was fed up with him, fed up with his cheating, fed up with everything and wanted to prove a point," Serayder replied.

For reasons unknown, Benji never pressed charges and, amazingly, the couple reconciled.

"After all was said and done, he went back with her because he loved her," said Serayder.

But the similarities of the 2002 incident and Benji's murder seven years later convinced investigators to turn up the heat on Narcy:

Det. Carpentier: Do you want me to ask you straight out, did you have any involvement in your husband's death?

Narcy Novack: No. Is there is an electrical chair and I'm a suspect give it to me right now. Put me out of my misery. ... I want to die.

"She tried to act like a grieving widow, it didn't come off like that at all, to any of the investigators, I don't think," Det. Carpentier told Roberts.

But if Narcy was involved in Benji's death, what could be her motive?

"I think she -- she knew she was gonna be replaced," said Det. Carpentier, who learned that Benji had taken up with another woman.

"He was sort of looking for a bad girl, but I was too bad of a girl for him," said Rebecca Bliss, formerly known as "Mona Love." She was all over the internet.

"She admits being a prostitute, pornographic movies," said Det. Carpentier.

Bliss says began as a sexual tryst, grew into a serious, ongoing relationship of almost two years.

"He used to make me laugh," she said in tears. "Everyday, you know, talking to him about personal things."

Benji moved her from Miami, where she was dancing in a strip club, to a condominium in Fort Lauderdale.

"He cared about me a lot, he would tell me he loved me everyday," said Bliss.

With Rebecca Bliss in the wings, was Benji about to leave Narcy? Not if Narcy Novack had anything to do with it.

"She called me, screaming at me, yelling at me," Bliss said. "She said, 'If she couldn't have him no one will.'"