Who is Paula Broadwell?

Sources: Petraeus was never targeted by FBI
Sources say CIA Director David Petraeus was never the target of an FBI investigation. But as Bob Orr reports, when his name surfaced in another probe, agents became concerned Petraeus, or his email accounts, may have been compromised.

(CBS News) Paula Broadwell, the woman allegedly involved in the extramarital affair that brought down Former CIA Director David Petraeus, has made no comment since the affair was exposed on Friday, leaving many to wonder about the woman who brought down the Army General.

Broadwell, a married mother-of-two, began her work with Petraeus as a doctoral dissertation at Harvard University. When she later learned he was in the running for CIA director, she decided to turn the work into a book, "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus."

Earlier this year, Broadwell was open about her admiration for the general in her conversation with The Daily Show's Jon Stewart.

"I don't there's any senior military leader or anyone who's worked closely with him that wouldn't acknowledge that he goes all in to what he does and it's to help the organization succeed," she told Stewart.

Throughout her work on the book, the pair spent countless hours together, including many runs and occasional trips on Petraeus' plane. Broadwell was spotted just a few feet away from Petraeus and his wife, Holly, at his 2011 confirmation hearing.

Like Petraeus, Broadwell is a West Point graduate and self-described fitness fanatic. In a speech last month at the University of Denver, Broadwell described her first interview with Petreaus, a jog that she said quickly turned into a race.

"I was told never to beat him. Keep up with him and you earn...it's the rite of passage. But don't beat him because he's a guy, you're a girl, and he's a celebrity, and you're a soccer mom," she told the crowd. "In any case, he started elbowing me and it was over."

Broadwell turned 40-years-old last Friday, the day news of the affair came to light. There has been no sign of the author at her family's North Carolina home over the weekend.

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