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Who can vote in the 2024 Michigan primary? What to know about today's election

Michigan voters prepare for primary
Michigan voters prepare for state's primary: What to know 03:36

Washington — Democrats, Republicans and independents may all vote in Tuesday's 2024 Michigan presidential primary, but eligible voters who wish to cast a ballot will have to request a specific party's ballot when they cast their ballot. 

Voters, who were not required to note their party affiliation when they registered to vote, have the choice between a Democratic, Republican or local only ballot. (The latter is only available if a voter's jurisdiction is holding a local election and does not include presidential candidates. You can find out if your local jurisdiction will have other races on the ballot here.) Michigan residents may also register to vote on the day of the primary if they do so in person at their polling place.

Can Democrats vote in the Michigan Republican primary?

Democrats who want to vote in the Republican primary will need to choose the Republican ballot. 

On the Republican side, a number of candidates are on the ballot, but only former President Donald Trump and former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley are still in the race. Voters will also have the option to choose "uncommitted." 

Can Republicans vote in the Michigan Democratic primary?

As noted above, Republicans who want to cast a ballot in the Democratic primary can select the ballot listing Democratic candidates instead of the Republican candidates. 

The Democratic ballot lists President Biden, Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips and self-help author Marianne Williamson, who ended her campaign earlier this month. "Uncommitted" will also be an option on the Democratic ballot. 

Local organizers have been urging Michigan voters to select "uncommitted" on the Democratic primary ballot as a way to register an objection to the Biden administration's support for Israel in its war with Hamas in Gaza. Many Arab American activists in the state have also signaled they might not vote at all in the November general election, which could harm Mr. Biden's electoral chances in a critical battleground he won by a slim margin in 2020.

Find out where you should vote here.

Can independents vote in either Michigan primary?

Yes, like Democrats and Republicans, they'll have to choose which party's ballot they want to fill out. 

Can felons vote in Michigan?

Michigan allows people with felony convictions to reclaim their voting rights once they're out of prison. While incarcerated, those convicted of a felony cannot vote. 

Michigan will begin automatically registering incarcerated people to vote upon their release beginning in 2025. 

Why does Michigan have open primaries?

It's common for states to have open primaries. At least 26 states have some type of open presidential primary, according to Open Primaries, a nonprofit organization that advocates for open and nonpartisan primary elections. 

There are two types of open primaries. The first, which Michigan uses, allows voters of any political affiliation to participate in a partisan primary of their choice. The second allows only independent or unaffiliated voters to choose whether they want a Democratic or Republican ballot. 

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