Whittaker On Top Of The World

Whittaker Reaches Summit

Tom Whittaker and his climbing partner, CBS cameraman Jeff Rhoads, arrived at the peak of the world's tallest mountain at approximately 5AM Nepal time on May 27, 1998. Whittaker became the first disabled climber to reach the summit.

CBS News producer Liza Finley was at the Everest Basecamp last spring during Whittaker's final ascent. Her exclusive report:

"We got a call at about 5AM that [Whittaker and Rhoads] were on the South Summit, which is just about 300 feet below the summit... a couple of hours later, at about 7AM, we got the call that he was on the summit."

Hear Real Audio reports from Finley:

Whittaker's Ascent To The Summit.

The Incredible Obstacles Surmounted.
Whittaker's Current Health Status.
Team Conflict Surrounding Whittaker's

Second Bid For The Summit.

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