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White Is Back In Men's Clothing

Spring is a great time to revaluate your wardrobe, get rid of the clothes from 10 years ago and replace them with clothes showing the current trends.

David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief at Men's Health magazine, visited The Early Show to show the latest trends in men's fashions. And he put co-anchors Hannah Storm, Julie Chen and Harry Smith to a very competitive test in which Chen and Smith tied for first place.

Zinczenko says you don't have to spend a lot to look fabulous and notes there are three main trends in men's fashions:

Suits: Firms are returning to the more conservative office suit. Zinczenko says the dot-com days of wearing ragged jeans and old T-shirts are over.

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Denim: Denim is always in style, says Zinczenko, but it evolves every year. This year, the "dark" denim look with a clean finish is in.

White: White is as big in men's fashion as it is in women's clothing, according to Zinczenko.


The look for spring is suits, says Zinczenko. Company dress codes are getting less casual, and designers are really getting behind the suit and tie.

Zinczenko says he likes pinstripes because they make you look taller and leaner. The long line draws the eye up and down your frame. He also says pinstripes and red connotate power.

Zegna Napoli Couture pinstripe suit, $2,950
Zegna Napoli Couture white dress shirt, $375
Zegna Napoli Couture tie, $175
Cole Haan dress shoe, $295

Total: $3,795

Express Jacket, $198
Express Trouser, $88
Express Men silk tie, $37
Izod white dress shirt, $30
Aldo dress shoe, $89

Total: $442

Zinczenko explains Zegna costs more because the fabric is of a much higher quality and it is handmade with structure that's sewn, not glued, as in a less expensive suit.


Zinczenko says denim is always in style, but the kind of denim changes through the years, from light denim to dark, and from clean and rigid denim to old and worn. He explains that for men, the goal is not to look trendy, but to find a way to make classic clothes look cool and modern. The trick to making a simple outfit stand out is the accessories. Zinczenko instructs to add a crisp while shirt, cool belt, your best watch and a pair of great lace-up leather shoes.

Gap dark rinse jeans, $50
Gap white shirt, $42
Gap belt, $14
Aldo shoes, $139

Total: $245

Dolce & Gabbana dark rinse jeans, $375
Dolce & Gabbana white shirt, $575
Dolce & Gabbana belt, $185
Cole Haan loafer, $265

Total: $1,400

Dolce & Gabbana is known for having jeans that fit guys just right, and slim shirts that show off the body. Also, guys pay a big price to have the D&G on the back of their jeans. The quality of the Gap products are great, says Zinczenko, but at a significantly lower cost.

Date Clothes

Zinczenko says white jeans, a linen shirt and a cotton jacket is a great look to win any girl over.

White is a big color for men this spring, and designers are showing everything from white jeans and shirts to white suits and ties. Even white sneakers are popular.

Zinczenko says he likes white jeans because they are versatile, with a fresh, crisp look.

Polo Ralph Lauren white jeans, $75
Polo Ralph Lauren Blue shirt, $90
Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton denim "sun baked" jacket, $225
Cole Haan shoes, $265

Total: $655

J Crew white jeans, $68
J Crew button down shirt, $64
J Crew cotton safari jacket, $98
Aldo shoes, $79

Total: $309

Polo costs more because of its details. In this case, the denim jacket has been "sun baked," which gives it a weathered, vintage look. The linen shirt has pearlized snap buttons and the fabrics are all a bit more luxurious.

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