White House Aide Out Of The Woods, Web Reporting Into The Woodshed?

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
Now that we know White House Karl Rove won't be indicted by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, we can move on with the case and start tying up some loose ends. One of those loose ends is pointed out by Washington Post media scribe Howard Kurtz this morning:
So after five grand jury appearances and many months of twisting in the wind, Karl Rove dodges an indictment bullet in the Valerie Plame leak case. I wonder if Truthout.org, which reported that Rove had already been charged, will be issuing a full retraction.
Truthout is the Web site which published a report a month ago claiming, as fact, that Rove had already been indicted. Despite direct denials from Rove's lawyers, the Web site and the reporter, Jason Leopold, continued to stand by the story. Leopold went so far as to promise to name his sources if they were proven to have misled him.

Well, we're waiting for that disclosure – and the retraction.