Whiskey Shivers gives a great music performance (with an oddly hypnotizing video)

(CBS) - I'm so conflicted on how to write about the above video. First off, it's some great music, so definitely know that. Second, there's a bizarre and surreal, but also oddly hypnotizing, visual element to the video that makes me think of "human centipede" (without all the horror and torture). So check it out and decide for yourself.

You see what I mean? The YouTube video was done by the band Whiskey Shivers, whom I've definitely got to give some props to on a wonderful music performance of their song "Gimme All Your Lovin' " and directed by Rob Wadleigh.  You can check out more about the band and their music by going to their website here.

I'm still debating some of the visual elements of the video, but can at the very least say that it caught my attention. What do you all think? Leave me some comments below with your thoughts about it.