When reactions are even better than the animal antics moment

(CBS News) Admittedly, a raccoon performing a "tightrope walk" across telephone wires is not something you see every day. But the focus of this post is on whether the reactions to an event like that captured on tape become even better than the random moment itself. So check out our first item above with the aforementioned raccoon routine and judge for yourself.

So do you see what I mean? I seriously couldn't stop giggling (which happens way too often, to the chagrin of nearby colleagues) as the play-by-play from the videographer was happening. The video was posted by YouTube user Peter Buban who writes about the animal antics clip:

My coworker's wife filmed this video of a clever little fella walking on some wires.

And for all of the complexity and verbose language that we adults can often infuse into almost situation or process, sometimes it takes a child to state very simply and clearly what things are really all about. And YouTube user Bernardo Caspe managed to capture just such a moment perfectly after encountering an immense population of chickens. See it for yourself below.