What's Your Favorite Season?

Andy Rooney Ponders The Changing Seasons

The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney.

Most of us have a favorite season of the year but if we had the same weather for all 12 months, even if it was the weather we like the best, I don't think anyone would like it.

The island of Jamaica is supposed to have some of the best weather in the world for 12 months of the year but you couldn't pay me to live in Jamaica. There's just so much beautiful warm weather I can take. I like a little of this but then I'd want a change.

I think if we had a vote, fall would probably be most people's favorite season. Some people who like fall call it autumn. I never use the word "autumn." It sounds pretentious.

The down side to fall is it's the beginning of the end of everything. Flowers die, the leaves dry up and come off the trees, water in the lake gets too cold to swim in and vacation's are over. First thing you know someone's trying to sell you a Christmas tree.

I love a good cold winter. Nothing disrupts our lives in a better way than a really heavy snowstorm. It can be hard work but shoveling snow is fun and satisfying. There's nothing that gives you a better sense of accomplishment than shoveling a path through the snow to your front door.

Cold snowy weather is better in every way than hot, dry weather. Snow makes the whole world beautiful too. I feel sorry for the people who live in Florida all year round or kids who never owned a Flexible Flyer or rolled snowballs to make snowmen.

Winter sports are good -- skiing and skating -- covering long distances just by sliding is a great feeling.

Winter clothes are more satisfying. There's just so much clothing you can take off when it's hot. People reach the boundaries of decency very quickly disrobing in hot weather. Winter clothes, on the other hand, give you the feeling you're defeating the elements, like a tent in the rain. There's no limit to the clothes you can put on.

The worst thing that can happen to weather is when one season intrudes on the other. We don't want summer in spring or fall and that's that's what we've had in New York for much of October. There's been too much hot weather and I'm tired of wearing my summer clothes this fall.
Written By Andy Rooney