What you missed on "CBS This Morning"

This June 22, 1978 file photo shows two train loads of riders trying out Colossus, at Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif., as the giant roller coaster opened for business. The Southern California roller coaster that was the world’s tallest and fastest when it opened in 1978 retires Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014. The coaster’s home Six Flags Magic Mountain expects thousands of prospective riders on Colossus’ last day, and a protest is planned by a group seeking to save it.

AP Photo/Nick Ut

From terror groups using Twitter for recruitment to a grandmother forgotten in an airport, catch up on this week's "CBS This Morning."

ISIS hits the Twitter feed

Terror group ISIS is using powerful online media campaigns to recruit Westerners to fight for their cause.

Young guns

Should children be allowed to handle guns, even when supervised? The child gun debate was reignited after a nine-year-old killed her shooting instructor with an Uzi submachine gun.

Six clicks to Jesus

Have you ever wanted to go to church, but not known how to find the right one? A new site called FaithStreet.com is helping propel religion into the digital age.

36 years of ups and downs

The historic Six Flags wooden roller coaster Colossus is closing, but only for renovations. Next summer, the coaster is coming back as a wood-steel hybrid called "Twisted Colossus."

CDs in DC

Researchers at the Library of Congress are studying the life span of CDs -- by destroying them. They're trying to learn more about keeping their valuable collection safe for posterity.

Silicon Valley elites flood Burning Man

It may seem like an unlikely playground for wealthy capitalists, but that's exactly what the desert art festival, Burning Man, has become.

From middle school to high fashion

Isabella Rose Taylor started sketching designs for outfits when she was just 8 years old. Now she's 13, with her latest collection for sale at Nordstrom.

Tech-savvy classrooms

Former NYC Department of Education chancellor Joel Klein is pushing for more technology and digital devices in classrooms across the country.

For sale: Texas ranch that defines cowboy life

Some fear the sale of the massive 510,000-acreWaggoner Ranch could mean the last roundup of true cowboy cultureThe historic Waggoner Ranch , and with a price tag of $725 million, it could be yours.

Failure to launch

An elderly woman was stranded for hours at Newark International Airport after a skycap wheeled her into the terminal and left her there. She was given $200 in vouchers, but she probably won't be flying again soon.