What the prez race is missing: a rum-swilling millennial

Notice something about America's presidential hopefuls?

No, not their insatiable lust for power. It's that they're getting up there in age. Not ancient, but both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are considerably older than the average age of U.S. presidents at the time they're elected, which is 54. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, turns 69 just before the November election, while Trump, who is set to accept the GOP nomination on Thursday at the Republican National Convention, hit the big 7-0 last month.

Diageo (DEO) wants to inject a little youth in our politics. One of the beverage giant's brands, Captain Morgan, has launched a campaign calling on Congress to change the U.S. Constitution so people under 35 can be elected president, the company said in an online petition, as well as in an ad that ran in the New York Times:

"These citizens are leading social change. They are creating billion-dollar companies. They are at the forefront of medical advancement. And they must be heard. It's clear that individuals under the age of 35 have been revolutionizing our country for centuries, and are just as capable as an older candidate."

What these citizens aren't doing, it seems, is drinking enough Captain Morgan, at least judging from Diageo's fairly transparent ploy to attract more millennials to the rum.

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