Hillary on the role Bill might play in her administration

Hillary Clinton previews Bill's role in her a... 01:09

KENTUCKY -- Hillary Clinton is already looking beyond the primaries.

On Monday, she looked to the future.

Clinton is often asked exactly what kind of role her husband would play in her administration.

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton wave to supporters after she was projected to be the winner in the Democratic caucuses in Las Vegas, Nevada February 20, 2016. REUTERS

On Monday, in Kentucky coal country, she said she would put the former president in charge of reviving jobs in communities hard hit by manufacturing losses.

Hillary Clinton: I'm different from Bill 06:49

"I told my husband he's got to come out of retirement and be in charge of this because you know he's got more ideas a minute than anybody I know," she said.

Bill Clinton was actually booed in Logan, West Virginia, on Sunday, by Appalachian voters angry over his wife's stated willingness to let the coal industry die out.

Bernie Sanders is poised to do well in West Virginia next week. He's now publicly urging superdelegates across the country to rethink their support for Clinton because he does better in polls against Donald Trump.

So far they have not been swayed, and he would have to win over hundreds of them to close the gap.

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