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What LinkedIn employees do every single day on LinkedIn

(MoneyWatch) Do you want to be more effective on LinkedIn? In addition to creating a perfect profile, you'll want to avoid certain mistakes. Some people just aren't using it efficiently, while others (mostly women, according to research) aren't using it enough to see the best results. For some fresh tips on using the network efficiently, I went straight to the source: This is what LinkedIn employees are doing on the site -- every single day.

Check the mobile feed

"I start my day by opening the LinkedIn app on my phone while waiting for the bus or standing in line. The app's rich feed helps me stay informed at any time. I can stay on top of industry news, access advice from the top minds or even use those few moments of downtime as an opportunity to check out who has new connections, changed jobs or received a promotion." -- Amanda Poray, principal user experience designer for the mobile team at LinkedIn

Response to InMails remotely

"I -- like most recruiters -- spend a lot of time away from my desk [in meetings]. I can't afford to wait until 5 p.m. to respond to InMails from promising candidates. So, in between meetings I spend time on Recruiter Mobile interacting with candidates. Being responsive is easier said than done, but it has a big impact -- it demonstrates our team is agile and tech savvy. And in a world where seconds count, it may make or break our next great hire." -- Brendan Browne, director of global talent acquisition at LinkedIn

Check out Pulse

"I am an editor for LinkedIn, and I work closely with our LinkedIn Influencers and help curate content from news sources on LinkedIn. The first thing I do every day is check out Pulse to see what news stories our members are talking about and sharing. I frequently meet with our LinkedIn Influencers, and I always check out their profiles to see what stories have resonated with them, as well." -- Chip Cutter, editor at LinkedIn

Stay in touch with fellow alumni

"When I'm on LinkedIn, I find myself frequently looking through my school's alumni networks. They have become a go-to resource to check out what my classmates are up to, where they are working, and whether they're adding skills I should have. Plus, they've been a great resource for identifying potential candidates to join my team." -- Josh Clemm, engineering manager at LinkedIn

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