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Welcome (Again) To CourtWatch

Hello and welcome to the third (or maybe the fourth) incarnation of CourtWatch, an online column at that began in the good old days, a decade ago, right after Al Gore invented the Internet, when Arlen Specter was a Republican, Al Franken was a comedian, and Susan Boyle was just a nice Scottish lady.

Today, CourtWatch moves from being a regular feature in the Opinion section of the website to being a stand-alone blog that will be updated daily (the Good Lord willing) with analysis and commentary on breaking legal news and events. We'll try to find you good links to the best law pieces around—we'll trawl through the papers and blogs to do so-- and hopefully we'll generate interesting conversations and debates about topics you care about. And if there is something you'd like to see covered by CourtWatch by all means let us know.

-Andrew Cohen

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