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LOS ANGELES (CBS) As medical marijuana laws are being adopted across the country, states are seeing more dispensaries popping up. According to a Denver Post survey, more than half of the nation's 600,000 medical-marijuana patients, an estimated 350,000 - live in California. Over 2,000 dispensaries have also set up shop across the country - 1,200 of which are in California.

The booming industry caught Justin Hartfield's attention, who launched in 2008. He describes it as a Wikipedia for the cannabis industry, which grows organically based on user comments and additions. Special Report: Marijuana Nation

The site now says they're making over $400,000 in revenue a month from their estimated 900 dispensaries. As many medical marijuana laws continue to change and voters decide on Nov. 2 about Proposition 19 in California, which would legalize marijuana, Hartfield sees as part of a market that is only going to get bigger.

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