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Wedding In A Week

Ever think you could put together a big wedding reception in only seven days? Sounds impossible, right?

Don't tell that to The Early Show events planner supreme Colin Cowie, author of the new book, "Colin Cowie's Extraordinary Weddings: From a Glimmer of an Idea to a Legendary Event."

He and others lent Lisa Mayo and Stephen Wilfong a hand as they planned the ultimate walk down the aisle! Cowie offered his advice on every detail.

"I think everything is important," Colin told the lucky couple. "The idea of a great wedding is when you can identify the very best of everything, and seamlessly put it together and make sure that great taste finds its way throughout."

We brought you all their steps on the way to the altar, the wedding itself, and the reception, in a special series, "Wedding in a Week."

MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2007


Tracy Smith offered a look back at the reception that followed the plaza ceremony. Stephen had a special treat for Lisa: a song he wrote about her. Colin surprised Lisa and Stephen with an elegant -- and hastily prepared -- webbing album. Then, an even bigger suprrise -- word of a honeymoon in -- South Africa!

The grateful couple couldn't thank Colin and The Early Show enough. Stephen said it was all everything they'd hoped for "and then some!" Lisa said she "couldn't have even dreamed that up on my own. I t was amazing."

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Ava Lounge at the Dream Hotel

FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2007


Colin and Tracy showed a summary of all the preparations for the big day.

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Then, Lisa and Stephen tied the knot on The Early Show plaza, and Lisa, Stephen and Colin reflected on the whirlwind week.

The reception was held at the Morgans Hotel Group's Hudson, in New York..

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Chrisette Michele (Vocalist/Ceremony Music)

Harpists Bridget Kibbey and Jacqui Kerrod (Harpist/Ceremony Music)

Harlem Gospel Choir

DJ Donna D'Cruz (Reception Music)

Bentley Meeker Lighting (for Reception)

Richard Parker Photography (Photos)

New York County Clerk Norman Goodman (Officiated)

Veuve Cliquot (Champagne)



With the big day only a day away, Colin and chef Katy Sparks from Great Performance for Hudson gave Lisa and Stephen a taste of their wedding menu, a preview of all the delicious dishes their guests will enjoy at the lunch reception to take place Friday at Hudson in New York City.

Not only that, but they chose their wedding cake from master baker Margaret Braun.

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The rehearsal dinner was to be held at The Boathouse restaurant in New York's Central Park.

For complete details about the menu, and comments on it from Colin and Katy, click here.



With Tracy Smith continuing to look on, Colin, Lisa and Stephen turned their attention to the dream wedding's floral arrangements, and the tables for the reception.

The bouquet is a must-have accessory for every bride.

Olivier, the creative genius at L'Olivier Floral Atelier in New York, is providing all the floral arrangements for the wedding. Olivier's style is very clean, modern and chic. He created seven amazing options for bridal bouquets for the nuptials, along with coordinating boutonnieres, and he displayed each of the choices. To see this portion of the segment,


For word on Olivier's approach to bridal bouqets, and for details about the choices he presented Lisa with, click here.

As for the tables for the reception, Colin showcased three different options for what they could look like. Colin used the colors Lisa and Stephen liked, then coordinated the linens, place settings, votive candles and of course, floral centerpieces.

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For details on the tables Colin set up, click here.

Promotional considerations provided by:

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Creative Intelligence (Escort Cards, Menus & Table Names)

Indigo Moon Linens

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Seda France Candles (Guest Favors)

Casue (Guest Favors)



The planning by Lisa, Stephen and Colin continued unabated, though The Early Show's coverage of it was interrupted as the show turned its attention to the Virginia Tech tragedy.

That coverage resumed Tuesday, April 24, with Lisa, Stephen and Colin selecting what they'll be wearing to their big event, and a look at hot trends, in general, in wedding attire.

The segment began with a peek at Lisa and Colin visiting the posh Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier, where Lisa picked out her dress. We saw several Lisa tried on, and Mark offered a lesson in the latest and greatest tendencies in wedding dresses.

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Then, it was back to The Early Show studios, where Tracy Smith revealed that Lisa's dress will be worn with jewelry she chose from H.Stern, including beautiful earrings, and with shoes from Stuart Weitzman.

After that, attention turned to attire for the bridal party.

Colin worked with Lord And Taylor and pulled three trendy options for grooms today. The third, a light tan suit, will be what Stephen wears on his wedding day. Lord and Taylor also outfitted the groomsmen. Colin and J.Crew Weddings and Parties Collection picked three popular and trendy bridesmaid options. The third option, a brown espresso empire waist dress, is what Lisa's two Matrons of Honor will be wearing. All six outfits were modeled in-studio.

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For complete details on the fashion show, click here.

MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2007


Colin took Lisa and Stephen to his favorite jeweler, H.Stern, to pick out wedding bands and get a lesson on jewelry. Colin and the couple discussed the diamond earrings being loaned to Lisa, and revealed their choice of wedding bands from their three top picks. Plus, Stephen surprised the bride with an engagement ring!

The wedding bands were a gift from Mr. Stern, who also helped Stephen out with the enegagement ring. Lisa and Stephen tried on all sorts of bands, from classic platinum to hammered white gold, to bands set with diamonds, and considered color, finish and style. Lisa decided on an 18 carat white gold ring set with seven full-cut round diamonds, while Stephen also selected an 18 carat white gold band, but set with six full-cut round diamonds in a matted finish. The engagement ring has a round cut 1.2 carat diamond set in 18 carat white gold from H.Stern's Celebration Collection.

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Also Monday, The Early Show's own stylist to the stars, David Evangelista, lent a hand with the bridal hairdo at his Manhattan salon, Cornelia.

David points out that, "After you choose your wedding dress, you cannot forget that your hair will have a huge impact on how the whole look comes together and is photographed for all to see for years to come. Wedding hair this season can be broken down into three different styles: the sophisticated bride, the romantic bride, and the classic bride."

David will do Lisa's hair on the big day, Friday.

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And the bridal party's hair and makeup will be done by the Cutting Image Hair Salon.

FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2007


To visit it, click here.

Colin points out that, now more than ever, wedding guests are coming from all over the world. A wedding Web site is an easy way to communicate quickly with your guests and not have to rely on the mail, and to escape the time limitations of paper invitations.

To see photos from bridal fashion shows around the world, click here.
Such Web sites enable guests to get to know the bride and groom, their friends and family, and their customs and traditions. A Web site can inform guests of times, locations, activities, attire, accommodations, etc.

Colin's motto is, "A well-informed guest is a happy guest."

Lisa and Stephen's site was prepared by wedding Web site designers Polaris Blue.


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From Lisa and Stephen's Web site: word on how they met, and more:

Stephen and I worked together at Brother Jimmy's, he was a bartender and I was a waitress. We actually worked together for a year before dating...or even being friends for that matter! I had no interest in him because my impression of him was that he was the typical bartender/playboy (it also could have something to do with the fact that he had "dated" a few of the girls I worked and had become friends with...and I use the term dated loosely!). In addition, I had just recently started my own business (a hair salon,so I didn't want to have another person in my life that was still wrapped up in the bar scene. Luckily for the both of us, we had a mutual friend that insisted we all go out one Saturday night together...she wasn't trying to set us up, she was friends with Stephen and so I had to deal with him tagging along. Once outside of work and the nightly show he put on behind the bar, I saw how much of a southern gentleman and nice guy he really was. I still had my apprehensions about him though and even after he told me he was interested in me, I continued to resist. I have to admit, the thing he said that won me over was "that I was worth the time it would take to prove to me that he was different." It took about a month for me to see he was serious...and now we are engaged! Our relationship works so well because we compliment each other's personalities so well. He is the creative, and I am the business woman. He makes me laugh when I am stressed out and he makes life so much more fun...and I file his taxes!

I was given the chance to change both bars and scenery one day in New York and I took it. Little did I know that it would be the beginning of the end! When I arrived at Brother Jimmy's, I knew that I had struck gold! The music was great and the women were hot!!! And we could drink at work. Jackpot, right? Don't even think about it - they were not hiring. Anyway, the bar was fun and the women were fun to 'hang out' with, but deep down, I knew that there was more to life then just women, whiskey, and fun. Alright, alright, I'm getting to Lisa, I promise. Anyway, Lisa worked with me for a while and avoided me like the plague! Could you blame her? So fast forward a while, let's say a year or so. I couldn't figure out why Lisa wouldn't give me the time of day and then, like a flash of light, it hit me! I sucked. I wasn't the man I needed to be, to get a classy woman like her to like me, or to even talk to me for that matter. I began to change my ways and I even stopped hanging out with the 'wrong crowds' after school. Before long, Lisa was talking to me at work and I looked forward to the nights I would work with her. She was very focused and intelligent, and didn't sugar-coat things. That's how I found out I sucked!! We began to spend more time together, while I focused on my photography and 'like' became 'love' almost overnight! One night, after a few drinks, I asked her to marry me (much to my surprise) and she said "no" (kind of). After that, I knew it would only be a matter of time until I asked again and this time she would say "yes!" We spent all of our time together and she became my best friend. I asked her again and she said "YES!!!!" The rest you can read in the papers.
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