Webb Nixes Veep Job

Virginia Sen. James Webb, often talked about as a possible Democratic running mate for either Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. Hillary Clinton, is expressing very little interest in the job for which so many others are campaigning. Over coffee on a day he wanted to talk about the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, he was asked if he'd like the No. 2 slot. "Not particularly," he said, adding, "No, that's not almost a yes." Some Democratic strategists say that Webb's experience as a Vietnam War marine anda Reagan-era Navy secretary and his upset victory against former Sen. George Allen make him a good pick, while others are against having two senators on the ticket. The prolific writer also revealed that he has a new book coming out, a biggie about U.S. political affairs, called A Time to Fight. We jokingly asked if there was any sex in it, like some of his others, and he said that we'll just have to buy it to find out.

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By Paul Bedard