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Watches Dick Tracy Would Crave

David Gregg, senior editor of Best Magazine, joins The Saturday Early Show to talk about these timely devices to keep track of something we all need more of: hours in a day.

The Casio Waveceptor line of watches set themselves by picking up and decoding radio signals emitted from the U.S. atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colo. This means you never have to set the watch; it will set itself. This watch corrects itself every day to maintain to-the-second accuracy. It will even set itself back and forth from Daylight Savings Time. This watch includes other great features such as an electro-luminescent backlight, stopwatch, multiple alarms, date alert, and the ability to track 29 time zones in 39 cities. MSRP: $65-$200.

The Wearable TV Watch by NHJ guarantees you will never miss your favorite show again. The internal micro tuner and headphone antenna does a good job pulling in stations. A digital display shows time and date and a TFT screen displays a crisp 280x220 resolution picture on its 1-1/2-inch color screen. The TV receives both UHF and VHF channels. When fully charged, the watch provides one hour of viewing, or you can extend viewing up to three hours with the battery-powered docking station, which uses 4 "AA" batteries. The docking station also plugs into AC for unlimited viewing and to recharge the watch (2 1/2-3 hour charge time). MSRP: $199.99. Available at Target Stores, Hammacher Schlemmer,

The Garmin Forerunner 201 offers hikers and athletes an easy-to-read display, ergonomic wristband, and integrated GPS sensor that provides precise speed, distance, and pace data. It's a compact, lightweight, accurate training assistant with performance tracking, auto-lap, auto-pause and more. Working out with the Forerunner 201 means you're never alone in your personal training, because the unit provides a Virtual Partner. This unique feature allows you to set your training goal by configuring your Virtual Partner's pace and workout distance. You'll get a graphic perspective of your performance by viewing your pace in relation to your Virtual Partner's pace, so you can always see at a glance if you're keeping up or falling behind. MSRP: $160.70.

The Fossil Wrist Net watch along with MSN Direct delivers the information you need to your watch so you're in the know while on the go. Besides automatically changing time zones when you travel, this wrist wonder will receive customized news feeds, weather reports and sports information. You can also keep a personal calendar, receive live stock quotes, traffic alerts, movie times and locations, restaurant listings, and even play games! MSN Direct is a subscription-based service that sends your Wrist Net watch personalized information over FM radio waves. The MSN Direct service is $9.99 per Month or $59 per year. Available in two models: Fossil Wrist Net and Dick Tracy Each model offers the user a unique customizable information display. MSRP: $149-$199.

The BMW MP3 Watch allows you to listen to your favorite songs, record important messages, and transfer your data to any computer for editing. This discreet MP3 player records and plays up to 60 songs. That corresponds to a playing time of 4 to 5 hours. The internal battery is charged via the integrated USB cable. But this new watch from BMW isn't just an MP3 player, it also lets you record your important thoughts via the integrated Voice Recorder and carry your important files on its 256 MB Flash Disk. (It tells the date and time, too.) MSRP: $275

The Boardbug Baby and Child Monitor functions as both a toddler monitor and a baby listening and temperature monitor. This watch monitoring system alerts you instantly if your toddler wanders out of range from you. It also helps you remotely take care of your baby with temperature and sound monitoring. The baby unit can be attached to a crib, stroller or belt loop. Both lightweight units can be worn around the wrist and the parents unit works as a digital watch and alarm. Each unit has a unique code that cuts out any interference that can be caused by other electrical devices such as traditional baby monitors. MSRP:$129.

Patek Philippe is to watches as Rolls Royce is to cars. The Patek Philippe Tourbillon truly represents the pinnacle of watch making. This is the only mechanical watch in the world that does not require daily winding. It can run for 10 days without being rewound. The design and mechanics of this model took more than three years to develop. A tourbillion watch mechanism compensates for the effect of gravity on the time-keeping accuracy of a watch and is one of the hardest in the world to produce. This watch's deco style case is platinum and is complemented by a crocodile strap. Because each watch is hand-crafted, you will have to join a three-year international wait list to purchase one. Patek Philippe maintains the distinction of attaining the highest price ever paid for a watch - $11 million in 1999. MSRP: $240,000.

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