Watch: Thief stuffs dog down his pants

(CBS News) You've probably heard of "ants in the pants," but what about "pooch in the pants?"

Probably not - until now. That's exactly what happened when a thief grabbed a pint-sized Pomeranian and shoved it down his pants at a Elmont, N.Y. pet store. The thief was caught on tape pulling up his shirt and stuffing the animal into his boxer shorts.

The video shows one man distracting the owner's son, who was minding the store, while another started looking around, apparently trying to figure out what to steal.

Eventually, the suspect decided on a one-pound, nine-week-old Pomeranian. He pried open the cage and proceeded to stuff the dog down his pants.

Reuters reports police are searching for the suspect.

The owner believes the suspect already sold the puppy, which was worth more than $1,000. He is offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Watch video of the theft in the video above.