Watch stunning visuals mesh with a seriously slick sound

(CBS News) The moment I saw this music video, I was blown away and became absolutely obsessed with it. I initially intended to hold off on posting it up until the Weekend Music Round-Up this Friday... but that would mean waiting a whole 48 hours, and I just couldn't do it. (I lasted for about 10 minutes.) So go ahead and click play above and start to share in my obsession.

I can't even begin to fathom the amount of time and effort that must have gone into creating this stunning, ambitious, visual and very original work of "pulp fiction" and trashy novel adventures through music. The seriously slick music video was directed and posted on Vimeo by Ohji (with animation assistance from Jeremy Bondy and produced by Amos LeBlanc) for Keys N Krates' head-bobbing, toe-tapping, make-you-want-to-dance song "Treat Me Right". 

A big triple-rainbow salute of creative musical excellence goes out to all involved from us here at The Feed for this work that has totally "wow"-ed us! And to check out more great music from Keys N Krates, be sure to visit their website by clicking here.