Watch: Bus driver falls out of seat, crashes bus

A still from the surveillance video of the crash.

(CBS News) There's stunning video out of Indianapolis of a school bus driver falling out of his seat and losing control of the vehicle.

He is seen desperately trying to hang onto the steering wheel as the bus crashes through a fence, trees and a play set before hitting a garage. The driver eventually let go and tumbled down the bus' steps.

CBS News affiliate Indianapolis station WISH-TV reports the 73-year-old bus driver, Jack Thomas, wasn't wearing his seat belt. The video shows him thrown out of his seat during a bumpy turn, then struggling in vain to hang on to the steering wheel and control the bus.

Thomas was cited for not wearing his seat belt. No one was hurt in the accident.

The date of the crash has not been reported, but the channel reported no children were riding in the bus at the time.