Watch: 3 NFL players get pranked in fake photo shoot

LaMar Woodley pranks 3 NFL friends in a fake photo shoot.

(CBS News) When they're not crushing quarterbacks on the field, Pittsburgh Steeler defenders have a penchant for pulling pranks - and filming them - in their spare time. Last year, we saw Troy Polamalu get ambushed with hair clippers in a Jackass-style video (although the episode seemed staged). But now, courtesy of Steelers linebacker LaMar Woodley, we have a much more elaborate scheme. The targets: the Falcons' Michael Turner, the Chiefs' Steve Breaston and the Jaguars' Marcedes Lewis.

Check out the NOC-produced prank, in which Woodley leads the athletes to believe they are starring in a July 4th-themed photo shoot for "GQ Russia." A cast of actors gets them to go for an "androgynous" look, wearing eyeliner, colonial uniforms and fur hats.

While the slick video is essentially a commercial for the NOC, the prank is well executed. The photo crew's squabbling in front of the half-naked NFL players only adds to the hilarity. Says Lewis after the prank is revealed: "This goes on my list of most embarrassing moments."
  • Stephen Smith

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