What happened to the money in D.C. quadruple murder?

New information from the investigation in the quadruple murder in a wealthy Washington, D.C., neighborhood reveals the suspects were converting large amounts of cash into money orders, trying to hide the extortion money dropped on the Savopoulos doorstep, CBS News' Wyatt Andrews reports.

When Daron Wint was arrested last Thursday night, police found evidence that at least two of the five people with him were helping him move or spend part of the cash extorted from Savvas Savopoulos.

Five men and women who were taken into custody and later released were using money orders police say were visible inside the truck Wint was following. They say those money orders were paid for with $100 bills, "consistent with the denomination...delivered to the...residence prior to the homicide."

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According to court documents, one of the occupants in the car with Wint "admitted to purchasing money orders after the murders" estimated "to exceed $10,000." Another person in the truck admitted he was "providing cash" to buy the money orders.

Roscoe Howard, former U.S. attorney for D.C., said that although the five were released, they remain under investigation.

"They can be watched the way you or I can be watched. Once you're on the street there is nothing to keep the police from listening to your phone calls, with of course permission, a wiretap, following you, doing whatever they can do to any individual who's out on the street," Howard said.

At the time of their release, none of the five was suspected of helping or being present at the crime scene.

Funeral plans have been made for the three members of the Savopoulos family who were murdered. The funeral will be held next Monday at the saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, where the family was active.