Warrant Issued For Former Jet

An arrest warrant was issued Friday for Mark Gastineau, former star defensive end for the New York Jets, for allegedly violating a court order to stay away from a woman he was accused of hitting.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Eileen Rackower ordered Gastineau's arrest after a prosecutor said he violated the order of protection by visiting Patricia Schorr, and that he may have forced her to leave the state with him.

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The judge also revoked the $5,000 bail that a friend had posted for Gastineau and said it was forfeited because he failed to show up as required at Friday's court session.

Gastineau, 41, was arrested Sept. 2 on charges of assaulting Schorr in her Manhattan apartment a week earlier. A court complaint accused him of slapping her face four or five times, throwing her against a wall, and choking her while threatening to kill her.

Gastineau was charged with misdemeanor assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. The court complaint said the weapon was a glass cocktail table with which he threatened to hit Schorr.

Police described Schorr, a membership sales manager at the Vertical Club gym, as Gastineau's girlfriend at the time, but his lawyer, Joyce David, says the two are married and that Schorr might be pregnant.

Assistant district attorney Angela Albertus said she received a voice-mail message from Gastineau saying he was with Schorr. The prosecutor said she also had information he was in another state with Schorr, "and we don't know if she is with him voluntarily."

Albertus would not say when the voice-mail was received or elaborate further.

Schorr's friends are concerned for her safety, Albertus told the judge.

Gastineau's attorney said Schorr does not believe she is in danger and "never asked for an order of protection." At the last court session, David said, Rackower would not let Schorr say that in court.

"The complaining witness is in love with Mark Gastineau. They've gotten married and she may be pregnant," David said outside court Friday.

The allegation that Gastineau violated the order of protction came from a neighbor who saw him in Schorr's apartment building, David said.

The attorney said she did not know where Gastineau was.

Gastineau, who set a record for quarterback sacks when he played for the Jets in the 1980s, is now a professional boxer, David said.

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