Walmart shoplifter used grocery cart as getaway vehicle, police say

Police say this shoplifting suspect outside a Walmart in East Huntingdon Township, Pa., used her grocery cart as a getaway vehicle.

CBS Pittsburgh

EAST HUNTINGDON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Police say a woman suspected of stealing from a Pennsylvania Walmart used her shopping cart as the getaway vehicle, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Surveillance video from inside the East Huntingdon Township store shows the female suspect pushing a shopping cart up and down aisles.

"For all intents and purposes, this was a woman on a normal shopping spree," said State Police Tpr. Steve Limani. "She had her list, she's going through the store."

The woman is seen grabbing groceries. She even checked her list to make sure she had everything, reports the station.

"You see her in the video, you can see her crossing things off her list as she's putting things in the buggy," Limani said.

But when taking a closer look, it becomes apparent this Walmart shopper was doing something a little strange.

"She's putting things in Tupperware containers inside of her cart," said Limani. "Which, for a trained observer, would probably be abnormal."

Then, with a shopping cart stuffed with containers full of groceries, she bypasses the checkout line and wheels her cart out of the store.

"She exits the store, she does not exit from where the cash registers are, she exits the store from where the main area of the store would be," said Limani.

Police say the shopper then fled the scene using her grocery cart to make a smoother getaway.

"She uses it as a skate board to skate across the parking lot with a cart full of groceries," said Limani.

Authorities are searching for the woman.