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Voting From Space; The Political Web

Call it the ultimate absentee ballot. The two U.S. astronauts onboard the international space station cast their votes today from 220 miles above Earth, and in the words of ISS commander Michael Fincke: "If we can vote from up here, so can you."

According to, Fincke and flight engineer Greg Chamitoff are only the fifth and sixth Americans to ever vote from space. No optical scanners or lever machines or high-tech touchscreens for these voters. They apparently used a secure electronic ballot that was routed through Mission Control. Makes you wonder about the potential future of secure online ballots for earthbound citizens...nah, couldn't really happen -- or could it? Not that it'll help me before the 2012 presidential election. As a Canadian and (fingers crossed) eventually-to-be U.S. citizen I must wait until then!

Also, watch for a story about the "Facebook factor" in deciding the 2008 victor on Thursday's CBS Early Show.

In the meantime, no matter where you are, stay connected and exercise that right/responsibility to vote!

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