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"Voices of the Shutdown: What's Next?": How to watch the special report on CBSN

Voices of the shutdown: What's Next?

Federal workers missed two paychecks as the partial government shutdown stretched into its 35th day on Friday.

People across the country have pitched in to help the workers through their financial hardship. In Washington, D.C., a pop-up kitchen is providing free meals to affected workers. It is run by the non-profit organization World Central Kitchen, which was founded by celebrity chef José Andrés.

CBS News' David Begnaud will be live Friday night with a one-hour special report after spending the day at the kitchen. He will host a live conversation with furloughed government workers. 

"We're going to leave the politics aside," Begnaud said. "Tonight what we want to do is: we just want you to hear the personal stories."

How to watch "Voices of the Shutdown: What's Next?"

  • Date: Friday, Jan. 25, 2019
  • Time: 8 p.m. ET
  • Who: CBS News' David Begnaud and furloughed government employees 
  • Where: Live stream on CBSN

President Trump announced Friday he has agreed reopen the government for three weeks. But as CBS News' Kathryn Watson reports, the announcement on its own didn't automatically end the shutdown. 

The House and Senate passed legislation to fund the government, and Mr. Trump signed it late Friday.  And the hundreds of thousands of federal employees going without pay won't be paid immediately, either.