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Viral Kids Videos You Have to See

"Calming the Baby Beast"
A photo from the "Calming the Baby Beast" YouTube video. YouTube

(CBS) Kids say -- and do -- the darndest things. When that happens, many parents kick themselves, wishing they'd had their video camera around. Well, some lucky parents have caught these priceless moments in the nick of time -- and passed them on to the world.

From babies with dancing feet to adorable toddlers with unintentional potty mouths, "Eye on Parenting" has collected the best viral videos that feature everything you love about kids. You can watch them all below.

The video "I don't like you, Mommy" has about 64 million(!) views. The 3-year-old featured in the clip tells his mother what he really thinks of her.

"What Are You Gonna Do to the Monster?" features a resolute little girl with a plan. And it's adorable.

When youre kids fight, it's usually the big kid doing the most damage. In this case, it's the baby that has the power -- and the teeth! Introducing "Charlie bit my finger -- again !"

"Twin Baby Boys Laughing" features the sweet sound of laughter -- and lots of it. This viral video has racked up more than 47 million hits.

Going a little meta with viral videos, Jimmy Kimmel surprised a YouTube star who cried over YouTube-made star Justin Bieber with a surprise: Justin Bieber. The video of their meeting, "Jimmy Surprises a Bieber Fan," on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," itself has 23 million hits.

"Blood" can be a difficult word for a toddler to say. But this little boy is doing his best to let his parents know he'd unintentionally hit his baby brother with his head. And he's taking it seriously. The video caption assures viewers the baby was taken care of. The result? YouTube gold -- the video grabbed 26 million hits.

"David After Dentist" has become a franchise for the family featured in this viral video. They have a website with merchandise and a Facebook page where viewers can leave messages for the young YouTube sensation.

Need to brighten your day? Like babies? Try watching "Hahaha" without cracking a smile.

"Ninja Baby" has got moves.

"Star Wars" is complex for any moviegoer to understand. Check out how deftly a 3-year-old describes the classic flick.

"Kittens Inspired by Kittens" has been around awhile. However, the 6-year-old's story about the kittens in her book doesn't get tired. You might even catch yourself clicking "replay" a few times.

"Hyperactive Kid in Kids' Choir" is a reminder that some things in life -- including singing with others -- can be really exciting.

"Calming the Baby Beast" has more than a million hits on YouTube, and we predict it's bound for YouTube greatness. This video shows how babies -- like adults -- can find tunes they can't get enough of.

When Jessica starts her day, it's with an enthusiastic pep talk. Check out "Jessica's Daily Affirmation" and you might just catch yourself climbing on top of your sink with a few uplifting words for your own mug.

Beyonce has moves even a baby can admire. Check out what happens when baby Cory discovers "All the Single Ladies" in "Baby Beyonce Dance."

In "Baby Worship," a baby gets really into the music at a church service.

Dance moves are always popular on YouTube. In fact, one of the most popular videos on the site is "Evolution of Dance." Could the little boy in the video below become the next YouTube star? He sure has the moves! Check it out for yourself.

Greyson Chance singing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" shot the young pianist to superstardom. He appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and even spoke to Lady Gaga herself. He's currently working on his debut album.

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