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Vince McMahon: Don't Let Politics Tarnish WWE

Vince McMahon wants to lay the smackdown on what he sees as the pernicious impact of politics on his businesses.

McMahon's wife Linda is the Republican Senate nominee in Connecticut, and Democrats have criticized her over her ties to World Wrestling Entertainment, alleging, among other charges, that the company has exploited its stars.

In response, Vince McMahon has launched a website to respond to what he sees as "malicious and misleading attacks."

The site features a video showing WWE superstars like John Cena talking up the company.

"They become shoulders to lean on, they become people to talk to," Cena says in the video, which portrays the WWE staff as a happy family. (Watch it here.) A different video, featuring McMahon himself, is above.

McMahon successfully sued this week to stop election workers from barring people from wearing WWE merchandise to the polls. A judge ruled such garb did not constitute political advertising.

Polls suggest Linda McMahon trails Connecticut Attorney General and Democratic nominee Richard Blumenthal in the fight to take over retiring Democrat Chris Dodd's seat. Special Report: Campaign 2010
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