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VIDEOS: Best comedian routines on parenting

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby talks about being a dad. YouTube

Being a parent can get you into some funny situations. Maybe that's why so many comedians have brought up the subject in their routines. If you need a laugh, check out some of the best funny stand-up clips we've found online.

Comedian Bob Smiley talks about protecting his family and the things he was never told about being a dad:

Comedian Bob Smiley relates what he expected when his kids were born:

Dara O'Briain talks about how parents will never be "cool" and there's no such thing as "new parenting":

One more with comedian Dara O'Briain: He talks about ways mothers discipline their kids by threatening stranger intervention:

Bill Cosby talks about the some of the finer points of being a dad in this classic clip:

One more of Bill Cosby, on making "breakfast" for his kids:

Comedian Dana Eagle talks about what she plans to do when she raises her own kids:

Tim Hawkins talks about good advice from parents that comes too late:

Abby Krom talks about the dangerous side of motherhood she discovered at a kickboxing class for moms:

Check out comedian Lewis Dix's shortcut for bathing his children when his wife is out of town:
Lewis Dix - Parenting
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Warning: The videos below contain offensive language.

Comedian Eddie Izzard talks about his childhood experiences with musical instruments that are sure to ring true with many parents and kids:

Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan talks about his special relationship with his daughter and why he loves kids:

George Carlin talks about what's wrong with modern-day parenting.:

What's your favorite comedian clip? Let us know!