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Video Shows U.S., Afghan Forces Ambushed By The Taliban

(Al Qaeda)
The media center of the Islamic Emirate (the Taliban) released a new video entitled "Attacking Kabul" on the Internet today which shows an ambush of what the group claims is a U.S. patrol in Wardak, southwest of Kabul and an attack on a convoy of supply trucks on the Kabul-Kandahar road. The date indicated on the 22-minute video is July 29, 2008.

In the first attack, three Humvee vehicles are seen coming under attack. The first vehicle was hit by an RPG, but managed to drive on, for another 100 meters according to the group, but before coming to a halt when it started catching fire. The second vehicle was hit by an IED. The Taliban claims five people had been killed in the attack. The body of one soldier lying on the ground a few meters from the burning vehicle was shown on the video. The group claims the other four were stuck inside and burnt inside the vehicle.

The second attack targeted a convoy of supply trucks. The group claims it killed over 65 Afghani troops, destroyed 54 trucks and seized two police pickup trucks.