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Video postcard shows amazing travels around the world

(CBS) - When you're traveling all around the world, sure, you could send regular old postcards out to family and friends... but where's the fun in that when you could use some modern technology to up the ante?

The sweet video entitled "Video postcard 2011" was posted by Vimeo user Pictionary Productions who writes:

In 2011 I spent 120+ days on the road. Visited numerous countries. Met lots and lots of awesome people. And I didn't send one single postcard. That's why I decided to summarize the coolest places in one single video greeting. A huge thanks to all the companies and newfound compadres that made 2011 a fantastic year.

What a truly fun way to show your adventures around the world!  To check out more work by Pictionary Productions, you can visit their Vimeo page by clicking here.
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