VIDEO: Man punches Calif. store clerk in the face over 41 cents

Police are searching for this man who was caught on video punching a female store clerk in the face in Lakewood, Calif., Sept. 7, 2013.
CBS Sacramento

(CBS) LAKEWOOD, Calif. - Surveillance video captured a store clerk in Southern California getting punched in the face over just a few coins, reports CBS Sacramento.

On Sept. 7, an unidentified man walked into a convenience store in Lakewood, asked the clerk for a cigar and put $1 down on the counter. When the clerk, identified by the station as 23-year-old Yadira, told the man the cigar costs 41 cents more, the man reportedly refused to pay and became belligerent.

Yadira told the station the man leaned across the counter and punched her in the face before fleeing.

Police are reportedly still looking for leads in the case.