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Video: Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence dance at Billy Joel concert

"Trainwreck" fans will be happy to see Amy Schumer reprise some of her dance moves from the comedy movie -- but this time, Schumer was at a Billy Joel concert with none other than Jennifer Lawrence.

Joel was performing at Chicago's Wrigley Field on Thursday and sang his iconic single, "Uptown Girl" -- a song that features prominently in Schumer's flick.

Schumer rushed the stage and kicked off her epic "Trainwreck" moves that fans will remember from the film's Madison Square Garden scene. Soon, she was dancing on the piano and her friend and comedy partner Jennifer Lawrence joined her, along with a few other pals.

The two buds looked like BFFs as they danced barefoot on Joel's grand piano. This isn't the first time Schumer and Lawrence have pulled off shenanigans together -- photos were snapped of the two jet-skiing, and now the actresses are writing a screenplay together.

Does this mean we can count on another epic dance scene when they make their movie? We hope so.

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